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Eligibility Criteria

Tenant eligibility

New NRAS dwellings will become available for rent from 30 June 2012 and will continue to be rented under the Scheme for up to 10 years. As there is considerable demand for these dwellings there is no guarantee that you will be able to rent a dwelling developed under the Scheme.

The Australian Government does not select tenants or maintain a waiting list for homes supported by NRAS. This is done by the tenancy manager of the particular property, in this case MALI Property Group. You will need to contact us directly to register your interest. The allocation of NRAS dwellings managed by MALI to tenants is assessed by, and at the discretion of MALI.

Tenant Income Levels

NRAS homes are required to be rented to eligible tenants at least 20 per cent below the market rent to be eligible for the National Rental Incentive annually. The income levels for eligible tenants are specified in the NRAS Regulations. Initial tenant income levels are assessed against gross income according to the household composition as identified below.

Household type Initial income limit $ Upper income limit $
One adult 51, 398 64, 248
2 adults 71, 061 88, 827
3 adults 90, 724 113, 405
4 adults 110, 387 137, 984
Sole parent with 1 child 71,110 88, 888
Sole parent with 2 children 88,160 110, 200
Sole parent with 3 children 105, 210 131, 513
Couple with 1 child 88, 111 110, 139
Couple with 2 children 105, 161 131, 452
Couple with 3 children 122, 211 152, 764

Household income limits are indexed annually on 1 May in accordance with the NRAS tenant income index. Effective 1 May 2019.

Eligible tenants’ income must be equal to or less than the initial income limit when they become a tenant of an NRAS dwelling. Income may increase up to 25 per cent (the upper income limit) before their eligibility is affected.

Incoming NRAS eligibility for household types not covered above can be calculated using the values below:

Person type Income level
First adult $50, 489
Each additional adult $19, 315
Each child $16, 748
First sole parent $53, 104
Independent minor $50, 489

For NRAS purposes, a household is considered to be all persons ordinarily residing in the dwelling. Therefore all adults who ordinarily reside in an approved rental dwelling are to have their income included as a member of the one household, in accordance with the income limits.

Properties available for rent

3 Garden
3/24 Garden Road, Moonah
Rent per week:
Property type: *Only available until 21/12/20*. Lovely two bedroom villa with carport, enclosed yard (no pets), dishwasher and gas heating.
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
State: Tas
Available: 30/1/2020. Please contact L J Hooker Glenorchy to arrange a viewing. Ph: 6272 8177

20 Cavenor
20 Cavenor Drive, Oakdowns
Rent per week:
Property type: *Only available until 31/7/20*. Spacious 2 bedroom home with 2 living areas, garage with internal access, reverse cycle air-conditioner and enclosed yard. No pets please
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
State: Tas
Available: 5/2/20. Please contact L J Hooker Glenorchy to arrange a viewing. Ph: 6272 8177

2 stevens
2/2 Stevens Place, Park Grove (Burnie)
Rent per week:
Property type: Lovely bright and sunny two storey unit with 2 bedrooms plus rumpus and study. High quality fitout, double garage, dishwasher, reverse cycle air conditioner, ensuite
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
State: Tas
Available: 18/2/20. Please contact L J Hooker Burnie to arrange a viewing. Ph: 6432 3000

3 64 hance
3/64 Hance Road, Glebe Hill
Rent per week:
Property type: *Only available until 14/3/20*. Double storey two bedroom villa with 1.5 bathrooms, garage, small deck, enclosed yard. Please note only available for two months due to lease break and upcoming NRAS allocation end for this property.
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1.5
State: Tas
Available: By negotiation due to lease break. Contact L J Hooker Glenorchy to arrange a viewing. Ph: 6272 8177

5 redwood
5/137 Redwood Road, Kingston
Rent per week:
Property type: Private 3 bedroom villa unit with open plan living, dishwasher and reverse cycle air-conditioner, enclosed yard, carport. Please note there is no bath - shower only.
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
State: Tas
Available: 12/2/20. Please contact L J Hooker Glenorchy to arrange a viewing. Ph: 6272 8177.